Year Inducted Name Sport(s) Year of Graduation
Glen Cullop full bio 2014 Glen Cullop Men's Basketball, Baseball 1992-1996
Jennifer Windrow Forehand full bio 2014 Jennifer Windrow Forehand Women's Soccer 1996-1999
John Mcleod full bio 2014 John Mcleod Football 1982-1985
Chris Reid full bio 2014 Chris Reid Men's Soccer 1994-1997
Tim Topham full bio 2014 Tim Topham Football 1977-1980
Alan Rock full bio 2009 Alan Rock Football, Baseball 1942
Alvin Nance full bio 2001 Alvin Nance Football 1976-1979
Angel Daniel-Babelay full bio 2015 Angel Daniel-Babelay Volleyball, Softball 1997-2001
Babatu Willingham full bio 2013 Babatu Willingham Men's Basketball 1990-1993
Ben Sohrabi full bio 2009 Ben Sohrabi Soccer 1988-1991
Benny Baldwin full bio 1995 Benny Baldwin Football,Baseball, Basketball 1945-1950
Benny R. Monroe full bio 1980 Benny R. Monroe Baseball, Football 1961-1965
Bill Cochran full bio 2005 Bill Cochran Football 1960-1964
Bill Padgett full bio 1988 Bill Padgett Basketball 1966-1969
Bill Wallace full bio 1993 Bill Wallace Basketball 1953-1957
Billy Owenby full bio 1979 Billy Owenby Baseball, Basketball,Football, Track 1958-1962
Bob Berrong full bio 1999 Bob Berrong Football,Basketball 1952-1956
Bob Boring full bio 1977 Bob Boring Football, Basketball, Baseball 1946-1950
Bob Shelton full bio 1996 Bob Shelton Baseball,Football,Basketball 1951-1955
Bobbie Jo Sallade Davis full bio 1991 Bobbie Jo Sallade Davis Basketball,Tennis,Volleyball 1976-1980
Boydson Baird full bio 1978 Boydson Baird Baseball,Football,Basketball,Track 1937-1941
Brenda Babb McCroskey full bio 1996 Brenda Babb McCroskey Basketball 1978-1982
Brett Stanley full bio 2010 Brett Stanley Basketball,Baseball 1987-1990
Brian Moore full bio 2013 Brian Moore Men's Soccer 1988-1991
Bryson Struse full bio 2004 Bryson Struse Football,Track,Wrestling 1957-1961
Buddy White full bio 2008 Buddy White Football 1954-1957
Burney F. Acton full bio 1975 Burney F. Acton Baseball,Football,Track 1921-1922
Candace Nutter full bio 1994 Candace Nutter Basketball,Softball 1979-1983
Carol Neal Reber full bio 1992 Carol Neal Reber Volleyball,Basketball,Softball 1977-1981
Charles E. Allen full bio 1978 Charles E. Allen Baseball,Football,Track 1948-1952
Charles H. Huffman full bio 1979 Charles H. Huffman Special,Composer of M.C. Fight Song 1945-1947
Charlie Thomas full bio 1994 Charlie Thomas Football,Basketball 1960-1964
Chesley Anderson full bio 1993 Chesley Anderson Wrestling,Tennis 1947-1951
Clarence B. Shepard full bio 1982 Clarence B. Shepard Baseball,Basketball,Football 1949-1955
Clint Abbott full bio 1997 Clint Abbott Football,Wrestling 1961-1966
Dale Sterner full bio 2002 Dale Sterner Baseball,Basketball,Football 1958-1962
Dan Greaser full bio 1998 Dan Greaser Football 1956-1960
Dana H. McKinstry full bio 1984 Dana H. McKinstry Basketball,Baseball 1968-1972
Danny Thomas full bio 2005 Danny Thomas Football,Baseball 1974-1979
Dave Osborne full bio 2011 Dave Osborne Baseball 1976-1980
David Clinton full bio 1989 David Clinton Football,Baseball 1970-1974
David E. Briggs full bio 1980 David E. Briggs Basketball,Cross Country,Football 1915-1919
David Evans full bio 2015 David Evans Football 1977-1981
David W. Proffitt full bio 1981 David W. Proffitt Basketball 1912-1918
David Wiley full bio 1989 David Wiley Track 1966-1970
Deangelo McDaniel full bio 2005 Deangelo McDaniel Men's Basketball 1983-1985
Dee Dee Chapman Davis full bio 1999 Dee Dee Chapman Davis Volleyball, Basketball 1978-1982
Dena Godsey-Barr full bio 2007 Dena Godsey-Barr Volleyball, Softball 1990-1994
Denise Penzkofer full bio 2009 Denise Penzkofer Volleyball, Softball, Basketball. 1983-1986
Don Elia full bio 2000 Don Elia Wrestling,Football.Track 1958-1961
Don Moore full bio 2003 Don Moore Baseball,Football,Wrestling 1952-1956
Don Phelps full bio 1995 Don Phelps Baseball,Football 1960-1964
Don Story full bio 2008 Don Story Football 1964-1967
Donna Clancy Trainer full bio 2001 Donna Clancy Trainer Softball 1984-1988
Donna Owens Findley full bio 1993 Donna Owens Findley Basketball,Tennis,Volleyball 1978-1982
Dr. E. Russell Gibson full bio 2013 Dr. E. Russell Gibson Team Physician  
Dr. L. Scott Honaker Jr. full bio 1987 Dr. L. Scott Honaker Jr. Baseball,Basketball,Football 1937-1941
E. King Berrong Jr. full bio 1984 E. King Berrong Jr. Baseball,Football 1946-1951
Earl Lawson full bio 1996 Earl Lawson Baseball,Football 1955-1959
Earl McMahan full bio 1988 Earl McMahan Baseball,Football 1970-1975
Ed Davalos full bio 2010 Ed Davalos Wrestling 1978-1981
Elizabeth Murphey full bio 2004 Elizabeth Murphey M-Club Athlete 1952-1956
Eric Etchison full bio 2010 Eric Etchison Baseball,Baseball Coach 1984-1988
Evelyn Norton Queener full bio 1993 Evelyn Norton Queener Special, Founder of M-Club  
Frank Cross full bio 1981 Frank Cross Diving, Swimming,Track 1938-1942
G. Donald Hickman full bio 1987 G. Donald Hickman Basketball,Football,Track 1966-1970
G.W. Sneed full bio 1982 G.W. Sneed Baseball,Basketball,Football 1921-1924
Gene Reynolds full bio 2000 Gene Reynolds Baseball,Basketball,Football 1947-1951
H.A. Callaway Jr. full bio 1979 H.A. Callaway Jr. Football,Wrestling 1946-1950
Herbert Palmer full bio 1993 Herbert Palmer Wrestling,Football 1947-1951
Hershell Merriman full bio 1978 Hershell Merriman Football,Wrestling 1946-1950
Hobart Ford full bio 1978 Hobart Ford Football 1915-1921
Howard Davis full bio 2002 Howard Davis Football 1946-1950
Howard Tomlinson, III full bio 2000 Howard Tomlinson, III Football,Track Coach 1959-1971
Hugh F. Hamil full bio 1984 Hugh F. Hamil Baseball,Basketball 1947-1951
Ira Morrison full bio 1983 Ira Morrison Football 1926-1930
J. E. McCall full bio 1976 J. E. McCall Baseball,Basketball,Football 1924-1928
J. Leon Berrong full bio 1976 J. Leon Berrong Baseball,Basketball,Football 1946-1950
J.D. Hughes full bio 1978 J.D. Hughes Baseball,Football 1937-1941
J. G. McMurray full bio 1976 J. G. McMurray Baseball,Basketball,Football,Tennis,Track 1921-1925
J.H. Etheredge full bio 1976 J.H. Etheredge Basketball,Football,Track 1936-1940
Jack Keny full bio 1994 Jack Keny Basketball,Football 1952-1955
James Baxter full bio 1999 James Baxter Wrestling,Track 1960-1964
James C. Campbell full bio 1983 James C. Campbell Baseball,Basketball,Football 1949-1953
James Renfro full bio 1978 James Renfro Football,Wrestling 1933-1938
James P. Lester full bio 1984 James P. Lester Special,Baseball,Football, Wall of Fame Founder 1947-1951
James W. Hitch full bio 1980 James W. Hitch Track 1929-1933
Jamie Parrott Rogers full bio 2008 Jamie Parrott Rogers Basketball 1993-1996
Jason Harbison full bio 2008 Jason Harbison Baseball,Football 1985-1988
Jennifer McCafferty full bio 2012 Jennifer McCafferty Softball,Volleyball 1990-1994
Jerry Waters full bio 1988 Jerry Waters Wrestling,Track 1953-1957
Jesse L. Millsaps full bio 1983 Jesse L. Millsaps Football,Wrestling 1932-1936
Jim Lester Jr. full bio 1996 Jim Lester Jr. Baseball,Football 1971-1975
Jim Thurston full bio 2006 Jim Thurston Cross Country,Track 1948-1951
Jimmy Harris full bio 1999 Jimmy Harris Football,Baseball,Wrestling 1953-1958
Jody Tootle full bio 2015 Jody Tootle Men's Soccer 1993-1997
Joe Black full bio 2007 Joe Black Athletic Training  
Joe C. Gamble full bio 1977 Joe C. Gamble Basketball,Football,Tennis 1922-1926
Joe Costner full bio 1987 Joe Costner Football,Track 1969-1973
Joe Malloy full bio 2004 Joe Malloy Track 1961-1968
John Davis full bio 1976 John Davis Baseball,Basketball,Football 1926-1930
John O'Dell full bio 1997 John O'Dell Baseball,Basketball,Football 1934-1938
John L. Stafford full bio 1994 John L. Stafford Baseball,Football,Track,Wrestling 1959-1963
John T. Stone full bio 1977 John T. Stone Baseball,Football,Track 1924-1928
Julie Dingels full bio 2005 Julie Dingels Soccer 1990-1994
Julius Nicely full bio 2010 Julius Nicely Track,Wrestling 1938-1941
Kandis Schram full bio 2006 Kandis Schram Athlete,Coach,Administrator 1982-1985
Keith Williams full bio 2013 Keith Williams Football 1976-1979
Kelly Smelser full bio 2002 Kelly Smelser Soccer 1988-1992
Kelvin Richardson full bio 2009 Kelvin Richardson Basketball 1990-1992
Ken Adair full bio 2009 Ken Adair Football 1977-1979
Ken Bell full bio 2006 Ken Bell Athletic Training  
Ken Berry full bio 1996 Ken Berry Football 1961-1965
Ken D. Kribbs full bio 1976 Ken D. Kribbs Special,Author,Sportscaster,Sportswriter  
Ken Dickens full bio 2010 Ken Dickens Football 1974-1977
Ken Hanna full bio 2004 Ken Hanna Football,Baseball 1973-1978
Kenneth C. Stinnett full bio 1980 Kenneth C. Stinnett Special,Baseball,Football  
Kenneth Shepard full bio 2002 Kenneth Shepard Football,Wrestling 1949-1954
Kevin McKinstry full bio 2003 Kevin McKinstry Baseball,Basketball 1973-1977
Kin Takahashi full bio 1977 Kin Takahashi First Football Coach and Captain 1888-1895
Lara Sibold full bio 2010 Lara Sibold Soccer 1991-1994
Lauren Kardatzke full bio 2001 Lauren Kardatzke Football,Tennis Coach 1961-1973
Lea Callaway full bio 1977 Lea Callaway Basketball,Football,Track 1928-1932
Leah Onks-England full bio 2006 Leah Onks-England Basketball 1990-1994
Lee Hannah full bio 1984 Lee Hannah Basketball 1933-1937
Lee Taylor full bio 2012 Lee Taylor Football 1973-1976
Leslie Ann Fox full bio 2003 Leslie Ann Fox Volleyball 1989-1992
Lewis Masingo full bio 2007 Lewis Masingo Football 1960-1964
Lombe S. Honaker full bio 1975 Lombe S. Honaker Special,Head Coach, Athletic Director 1921-1922
Lowell McDonald full bio 1987 Lowell McDonald Football, Track 1927-1931
Lynn Howard full bio 1998 Lynn Howard Tennis 1962-1966
Lynn Sexton full bio 1983 Lynn Sexton Baseball, Basketball,Football 1953-1957
Marvin Mitchell full bio 1982 Marvin Mitchell Football 1940-1947
Michael Dalton full bio 1985 Michael Dalton Basketball,Football,Track 1962-1966
Miss Jessie S. Heron full bio 1982 Miss Jessie S. Heron Special, Academic Counselor, Honaker Club Founder 1919-1957
Molly Hewa Sers full bio 2012 Molly Hewa Sers Soccer 1989-1993
Moses H. Gamble Jr. full bio 1985 Moses H. Gamble Jr. Football,Track,Wrestling 1932-1936
Nikki Boop full bio 2011 Nikki Boop Softball,Volleyball 1990-1994
Pat Moyer full bio 2011 Pat Moyer Baseball,Football 1981-1986
Paul Anagnostis full bio 2005 Paul Anagnostis Football 1981-1985
Pepe Fernandez full bio 2011 Pepe Fernandez Men's and Women's Soccer Coach  
Phil Wilks full bio 2012 Phil Wilks Football Coach  
R.C. Thrower full bio 1975 R.C. Thrower Basketball,Football,Track 1920-1924
R.M. Shores full bio 1975 R.M. Shores Baseball, Basketball, Football 1923-1926
Rachel Reese full bio 1997 Rachel Reese Basketball,Softball,Volleyball 1979-1983
Randy Evans full bio 2006 Randy Evans Soccer 1987-1989
Randy Lambert full bio 1990 Randy Lambert Basketball 1972-1976
Randy Schaurer full bio 2009 Randy Schaurer Basketball 1971-1975
Ray Lillard full bio 1988 Ray Lillard Baseball,Basketball,Football,Track 1940-1949
Raymond I. Brahams Jr. full bio 1984 Raymond I. Brahams Jr. Basketball,Track 1956-1949
Richard Abbott full bio 1997 Richard Abbott Basketball 1950-1954
Richard Suttle full bio 2007 Richard Suttle Basketball 1978-1981
Robert C. Ramger full bio 1985 Robert C. Ramger Baseball,Footall 1952-1958
Robert H. Garner Jr. full bio 1985 Robert H. Garner Jr. Basketball,Football 1946-1948
Robert Houston full bio 1998 Robert Houston Baseball,Track, Football 1901-1905
Robert Neff full bio 1995 Robert Neff Baseball, Football 1946-1950
Roland McClanahan full bio 2001 Roland McClanahan Football,Track 1961-1965
Ronald "Cotton" Easter full bio 2001 Ronald "Cotton" Easter Football 1941-1949
Roy Talmage full bio 1990 Roy Talmage Track 1934-1938
Ryan Riggins full bio 2008 Ryan Riggins Soccer 1991-1994
S. Earle Crawford full bio 1979 S. Earle Crawford Baseball,Football 1908-1912
Samuel Tyndale Wilson full bio 1985 Samuel Tyndale Wilson Baseball, M.C. President 1873-1878
Sandra Rabun-Lind full bio 1995 Sandra Rabun-Lind Basketball,Volleyball 1977-1981
Sara Covington Matthews full bio 1998 Sara Covington Matthews Basketball,Softball 1981-1985
Scott Fletcher full bio 2012 Scott Fletcher Basketball 1991-1994
Scottie Cline full bio 2015 Scottie Cline Baseball 1989-1992
Sharon G. Brown full bio 1987 Sharon G. Brown Special,Coach 1974-1984
Sharon Wood full bio 2000 Sharon Wood Tennis,Athletic Training 1979-1983
Steve Dockery full bio 1992 Steve Dockery Baseball,Football,Track 1965-1968
Steve Savage full bio 2007 Steve Savage Football 1974-1978
Steven Boretsky full bio 1981 Steven Boretsky Baseball,Football,Track,Wrestling 1930-1934
Stuart Snedeker full bio 1998 Stuart Snedeker Track 1932-1936
T. Madison Byar full bio 1981 T. Madison Byar Track,Wrestling 1930-1934
Ted B. Wilson full bio 1981 Ted B. Wilson Basketball,Football 1959-1963
Thomas Smith full bio 2012 Thomas Smith Football 1991-1994
Tim Kelly full bio 1991 Tim Kelly Football 1974-1978
Tim Lawrence full bio 2011 Tim Lawrence Basketball 1988-1992
Tom Morris full bio 1982 Tom Morris Basketball 1956-1960
Tonya Dewitt Campbell full bio 2013 Tonya Dewitt Campbell Volleyball 1991-1994
W.A. Ruble full bio 1979 W.A. Ruble Special,Baseball,Basketball,Football 1920-1923
W. Merle DeLaney full bio 1979 W. Merle DeLaney Baseball,Basketball,Football 1927-1931
W.M. Crawford full bio 1982 W.M. Crawford Football,Track,Wrestling 1926-1929
Wade Edmond full bio 2004 Wade Edmond Basketball,Football 1976-1979
Walter Rock full bio 2009 Walter Rock Baseball, Football 1939-1943
Walter Walsh full bio 2003 Walter Walsh Soccer 1984-1988
Warren Morgan full bio 1989 Warren Morgan Basketball 1967-1971
Wayne Dunn full bio 1990 Wayne Dunn Football,Wrestling 1974-1980
Wayne Emme full bio 1995 Wayne Emme Basketball 1975-1979
Wayne Risko full bio 2002 Wayne Risko Baseball,Football,Wrestling 1973-1977
Weldon Baird full bio 1979 Weldon Baird Basketball,Cross Country,Track 1935-1939
Wilbur C. Loessburg full bio 1983 Wilbur C. Loessburg Baseball,Football,Track 1932-1936
Wilbur Ramsey full bio 1999 Wilbur Ramsey Football 1960-1964
William Miller full bio 1991 William Miller Wrestling 1952-1956
William E. Baird full bio 1980 William E. Baird Basketball,Football,Track 1937-1941
William Napier full bio 2006 William Napier Football 1961-1965
Wood N. Everett full bio 1994 Wood N. Everett Wrestling 1938-1941