J.D. Davis Awards

The J.D. Davis award was established in 1979 by the athletic staff. It is an annual award given in memory of a long-time coach and physical education director.

In the late 1920's, J.D. Davis was a superior athlete on the Maryville College campus. He excelled in three sports- football, basketball, and baseball- receiving 12 letters and numerous honors for his achievement. After a short stint in professional baseball, J.D. returned to his alma mater and began his dedicated service as a coach and teacher.

J.D. was a positive influence in the lives of hundreds of young people on the MC campus. He coached football, wrestling, and track and also served as the chairman of the physical education department. J.D. retired in 1971 after 40 years of service.

This award seeks to honor senior student-athletes who exhibit leadership, athletic ability, Christian values, and academic achievement. These are all characteristics for which J.D. Davis is remembered.




Full Name Sports Year Awarded
Julia Vineyard Volleyball 2017
Nick Myers Football 2017
Mackenzie Puckett      
Women's Basketball 2016
Evan Pittenger Football 2016
Spencer Shoffner Men's Basketball 2016
Payne Fisher Men's Soccer 2015
Alex Bond Women's Basketball 2015
Travis Felder Football 2014
Taylor Emerson Women's Soccer 2014
Janell Menard Women's Basketball 2013
Wesley Lambert Men's Basketball 2013
Donald Rucker Men's Basketball 2012
Kristin Findley Volleyball 2012
Eryk Watson Men's Basketball 2011
Jessica Petersen Women's Soccer 2011
Kyle Chewning Football 2010
Lindsy Little Volleyball, Softball 2010
Andrew Shumate Men's Basketball 2009
Ben Peters Baseball 2009
Katie Beckham Softball 2009
Andrew Crawford Football 2008
Rachel Rushworth Women's Soccer 2008
Adam Rosen Baseball 2007
Angie Castle Softball 2007
Heather Mathis Women's Soccer 2006
Jed West Baseball 2006
Karen Tobias Volleyball 2005
Sidney Ellis Men's Basketball 2005
Hayley Smith Women's Basketball 2004
Mikey Rickman Men's Tennis 2004
Josh Tummel Men's Basketball 2003
Marquita Porter Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball 2003
Kasey Ellen Volleyball 2002
Peter Rosenblad Men's Soccer 2002
Angel Daniel Volleyball 2001
Brian Gossett Football 2001
John Carmack Men's Soccer 2001
Leah Ford Volleyball 2001
Mandy Franklin Women's Soccer 2001
Alan Archbold Baseball 2000
Chris Housewright Men's Basketball 2000
Crissy Wieck Women's Soccer 2000
Elizabeth Hewitt
Kevin Hedrick Football 2000
Whitney Black Volleyball 2000
Jennifer Windrow Women's Soccer 1999
Lee Simmons Football 1999
Leslie Roberson Women's Basketball 1999
Daniel Bechman
Meghan Casey
Adam Ray
Jennifer Buck Women's Basketball 1997
Doug Parris Baseball 1996
Jamie Parrott Women's Basketball 1996
John Roszell Baseball 1995
Lara Sibold Women's Soccer 1995
Eric Booth Football 1994
Leah Onks Women's Basketball 1994
Molly Hewa Women's Soccer 1993
Thomas Stephens Football 1993
Lisa Locke
Tim Lawrence Men's Basketball 1992
Jay Malone Football 1991
Kathy North
Jan Tomlin
Mark Humphries
Hank Snyder Football, Baseball 1989
Rose Ballard Women's Basketball 1989
Jason Harbison Football, Baseball 1988
Lisa H. Linginfelter Volleyball 1988
Mike Human Football, Baseball 1987
Nancy Koehl Women's Basketball, Softball 1987
Sherrie Farmer Volleyball, Softball 1987
Denise Penzkofer Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Softball 1986
Raymond Burnett Men's Basketball 1986
Kandis Schram Volleyball, Softball 1985
Shannon O'Brien Football 1985
Tyrone Matthews Men's Basketball 1985
Nickie Frazier
Andrew Baker
Dave Evans Football 1982
Richard Suttle Men's Basketball 1981
Bobbie Jo Sallade
Tony Ierulli Football, Baseball 1980
Wayne Emme Football 1979